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I have been a practicing Celtic Tradition Pagan since 1973. I "came out of the broom closet" in 1990. I no longer deny my personal Matron, The Lady Niamh, if I am asked. I do not proselytize my religion, or deride others who believe differently than I. I only use this page to voice my opinion, as Masklyn of Montenegro did his to me, for the opportunity to open the mind of just one of the people who read these words. One who may be searching for his/her own truth.

I feel that this is one of the main precepts of Paganism. It matters not in what you believe, it only matters in how you live and act. Those who preach but do not live their words are the true blasphemers of the world.

Parapsychology & Religion

In 1973, I had surgery to remove an out of control thyroid gland. I had lost nearly 35% of my body weight in less than a year and it could be attributed to the over active thyroid.

While on the operating table, my entire body just shut down. I was dead. It took the doctors nearly four minutes to bring me back to life. In that time, I experienced the now nearly cliché "dark tunnel with a light at the end" that has become so famous on the talk show circuit. Well, I can tell you for a fact that this is not the exact description of the occurrence. This is merely the way one who has been through the experience can explain it to one who has not. It is the corresponding description that one can make. I can only liken the idea of describing the adventure of a near-death experience to describing the color green to someone who has been blind since birth.

This experience has caused me to become tirelessly enthralled by the science/art of parapsychology. I have made it the preoccupation that drives my existence. My studies have given me the knowledge to rise above the desert based spirituality which is guided by the Semitic "sky god" which is so prevalent in today's social milieu. I have found more meaning in the panentheistic religious beliefs of my Scottish / Irish / English ancestors.
Even though I believe in the elder Gods, I still consider myself a "skeptical believer". In my investigations of unearthly circumstances, I tend to try to prove rather than disprove. The heart of the Fae beats within me, even though I top out at over 6 feet.
I abhor the attitudes of people like James "The Amazing" Randi and his sycophants

The name I place on this page is one that I use to honor one of my mentors in the study of the Pagani. A man who passed through the veil from this world to the next, as we all do, several years ago. Masklyn of Montenegro was a prince of a man who used his anguish and humor to lead this confused and bewildered neophyte to the true path of inner enlightenment. I am proud to have called him my friend.

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